Buffalo debuts CloudStation storage in PH

Networking and storage equipment maker Buffalo Technology recently announced the availability in the country of the DLNA-certified Buffalo CloudStation, which provides storage for data that can be shared and accessed from any device.

Powered by Pogoplug and Bit Torrent client module, CloudStation goes beyond simple storage and gives access to photos, videos, music, and documents via smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Installation is an easy two-step process that requires users to just plug in the storage device into any Wi-Fi router and then have it activated at the Buffalo CloudStation website. Unlike other storage devices in the market, Buffalo CloudStation does not need any software to run.

Similar to a hard drive that operates inside a computer, users can access the Buffalo CloudStation through the Pogoplug apps for mobile devices (iPhone&iPad/Android) while at home, at the office, or on the road.

“Today’s technology is changing very fast .Consumption of digital content is on the move beyond traditional channels along with how that data is stored and accessed,” said Hiroyuki Hirai, country head of Buffalo for Philippines.

The CloudStation comes with a 3-year limited warranty and available in two models: CloudStation (Single Bay) and CloudStation Pro Duo (Two Bay).

CloudStation (Single Bay) 1TB and 2TB are priced at P9,270 and P11, 160, respectively, while CloudStation Pro Duo 2TB and 4TB are available for P19,380 and P23,250.

For product availability, pricing and technical info, email Ed Zurbano at marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph or call 688-3180-83.

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