Intel, PLDT team up to push Ultrabooks, WiFi Zones

Tech giants Intel and PLDT have recently joined forces to promote their newest initiatives – Ultrabooks for Intel and the new WiFi Zones for PLDT.

Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag

At a recent media launch in Pasay City, the companies said the partnership will allow them to further push mobile access for broadband technology in the country.

“Intel’s partnership with PLDT addresses a new era of computing experience that is underway, and ensures that the consumer’s expectations for a secure, mobile and powerful device are met through the Ultrabook,” said Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag.

The Ultrabook is a new breed of computers championed by Intel that are ultra-thin and ultra-light but not underpowered.

Intel said its vision for the Ultrabook entails a multi-year, industry-wide endeavor that will roll out in phases, with the volume of devices expected to increase as system prices decrease over time.

PLDT’s WiFi Zone, on the other hand, is a dedicated line for WiFi Internet connection primarily aimed for the use of PLDT subscribers outside their homes.

Unlimited use of WiFi Zones will be available all year-round for PLDT myDSL subscribers at a monthly rate of P150 and P300 for PLDT landline subscribers on top of the monthly service fee.

PLDT said there are over 2,500 WiFi Zones up and running all over Metro Manila. WiFi Zones have also been launched recently in Cebu and Baguio, officials said.

PLDT officials, however, said they are also rolling out a pre-paid variant for non-PLDT customers soon.

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