Dessert shop credits success to online presence

For nearly five years, people have been having sweet rendezvous at Banapple – the warm and bright bakery-cafe that’s most famous for their divine Banoffee Pie. What started as a small cafe in Katipunan is now one of the most popular go-to places for comfort food.

“We started as a home-based business back in 2000. We delivered cakes and pastries to coffee shops and restaurants,” shared GJ Jimenez, owner of Banapple.

“When we started getting more accounts, we couldn’t contain the operation in our house anymore so we decided to get a small space along Katipunan where we could transfer the operations. We initially thought of making it as a take-out place where customers can pick up the orders but we decided to offer some of our favorite dishes to make the menu more interesting,” recalls Jimenez.

Since its inception, news about their sumptuous food spread like wildfire by word of mouth. Banapple’s success is largely because of its delicious yet affordable dishes served in generous servings. The charming home-cooked appeal of Banapple’s dishes keep people coming back for more.

Aside from pleasing thousands of Pinoy palates with their delectable food, Jimenez also shared another secret ingredient to Banapple’s success: online presence.

In this technology-driven era, Jimenez said brands like Banapple have more avenues to promote and market their brand and to communicate with their customers. Everyone is connected now in one way or another, he said.

In particular, Jimenez cites lifestyle site ClickTheCity. “It was my online yellow pages. Kahit wala pang mga iPhone noon,” Jimenez shares.

“At first, we were really happy when Banapple got listed in ClickTheCity. But when we got featured, it drove people into our store. It was one of the first websites to feature Banapple and we were really overwhelmed by the people’s response. ClickTheCity is an integral part of how Banapple was made aware to our customers,” says Jimenez.

“It’s very important that you’re on theWeb right now. It’s important that you generate buzz because all or most of the diners now access the internet for information on where to put their money. They look at reviews, comments, feedback. The data and content are more meaningful to diners. It’s online word of mouth,” GJ adds.

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