Malaca?ang pulls out Lagman from Comelec

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[/caption] Lagman, a leading light in the local IT industry, confirmed a banner report by The Manila Times on Tuesday that Malaca?ang has sent word that his appointment will not be renewed after Congress went into recess last March 22. Lagman, however, said there were many inaccuracies in the newspaper report and that quotations attributed to him were merely made up. ?For instance, I did not say I was made a sacrificial lamb by Malaca?ang so as not to antagonize [Senate Preident Juan Ponce] Enrile,? he said in a telephone interview. He said it is well-known in political circles that Enrile has a long-standing grudge against him, dooming his chances of being confirmed by the CA, which is headed by the Senate president. Enrile has accused Lagman for padding the results of Namfrel?s quick count operations in the 1987 elections to favor former Pres. Cory Aquino?s senatorial candidates. The senator?s party, Grand Alliance for Democracy, suffered an excruciating defeat then, with only Enrile and former President Joseph Estrada managing to be elected to the upper chamber. ?That was 25 years ago and I?m not sure if it was even possible to add 2 million votes to every candidate then,? Lagman said. ?Having said that, he (Enrile) should blame the Comelec, which conducted the official count and not Namfrel, who just carried out a quick count.? The outgoing commissioner said while he appreciated Malaca?ang?s concern of sparing him from the embarrassment of being rejected at the confirmation hearings, he would have preferred to argue his case before the CA ?so the truth will come out.? Lagman said his stay at the poll body lasted only for 10 months, with his appointment having officially lapsed last March 22 when Congress went into recess without acting on his confirmation. He is grateful though for the abbreviated stint. ?I?ve accomplished some things here, although I could have done more if I was confirmed,? he said. The term of a Comelec commissioner is for six years. Lagman is one of the only two commissioners who voted against the recent decision of the Comelec to buy the PCOS machines used in the 2010 elections. A number of petitions have filed in the Supreme Court questioning the Comelec action. ]]>

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