Globe’s Tattoo broadband brand unveils own tablet

Globe Telecom said it has tapped Chinese firm Huawei to launch a new tablet offering under its Tattoo broadband brand.

Globe said Tattoo is the first broadband brand to offer its own tablet dubbed Tattoo Mediapad in response to the global tablet frenzy, with worldwide tablet sales hitting 56 million units in 2011.

Running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the 7-inch tablet has a 1.3-megapixels front camera and a 5-megapixels rear camera, with 8 GB internal storage with built-in support for micro SD expansion.

It claims to have the highest PPI (pixels per inch) among 7-inch tablets in the market today, and suits well as handy gadget for games and entertainment.

Furthermore, the Tattoo Mediapad has a hotspot feature which allows users to share their wireless Internet connection with up to 5 other Wi-Fi devices.

“Another standout feature of the Tattoo Mediapad are apps like Yozo Office, an office on-the-go program that allows you to view and edit Worksheets, Text Documents, and Presentations. Tablet users who are always on the go would find this feature very useful,” said Dong Ronquillo, head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.

The Tattoo Mediapad can be purchased at P10,990, available at 12 months to pay at 0-percent interest when subscribed to a Tattoo Personalized Plan 999.

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