Accenture expands ecosystem of cloud platform

IT outsourcing giant Accenture has launched a new version of its Accenture Cloud Platform, offering new and enhanced cloud management services for public and private cloud infrastructure offerings.

By expanding its ecosystem of cloud providers, Accenture can now offer an expanded service catalog allowing clients to procure the solutions they require, when and where they are required, and in a pre-packaged, standardized format.

The platform now supports an expanded portfolio of infrastructure service providers including, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Verizon Terremark, and NTT Communications.

“With this next version, we’ve enhanced its capabilities as a management platform for clients to confidently source and procure capacity from an ecosystem of providers that meet the highest quality standards, as well as providing the critical connections required to seamlessly transition work to the cloud,” said Michael Liebow, managing director and global lead for Accenture Cloud Platform.

“An expanded provider portfolio increases our geographic footprint helping us to better serve our clients around the world as they migrate to the cloud and fits with our blueprint for enterprise-grade cloud services.”

Providing services and solutions designed to help organizations integrate and manage hybrid cloud environments across multiple vendor platforms, the new version of the Accenture Cloud Platform offers a more flexible, service-enabled architecture based on open source components, which helps reduce deployment costs for clients while the expanding catalog of services helps to speed deployments.

The growing portfolio of top tier providers extends the geographic footprint of the Accenture Cloud Platform with new data center locations in Latin America and Asia, helping to better serve clients around the world.

The platform delivers infrastructure services with the following providers:

• Amazon Web Services – Providing account enablement and expert assisted provisioning services, the Accenture Cloud Platform supports clients deploying Amazon Web Services environments in their nine regions around the world.

• Microsoft Windows Azure – Providing account enablement, the Accenture Cloud Platform supports the deployment of application development solutions on the Windows Azure platform.

• Verizon Terremark – Offering provisioning, as well as administrative and support services for Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud, a virtual private cloud solution, the platform adds datacenters around the world, extending reach into Latin America through the Verizon Terremark datacenter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

• NTT Communications – Supporting NTT’s private and public enterprise clouds, Accenture offers provisioning, administrative and support services, as well as professional architecture guidance to help clients design and deploy their applications in the cloud. The platform gains public datacenters in Hong Kong and Tokyo, expanding locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Accenture Cloud Platform is a major part of Accenture’s investment of more than $400 million in cloud technologies, capabilities, and training by 2015 to focus on delivering the right cloud services from its network of providers, as well as blending its own industry solutions and innovations with third party offerings.

Accenture has worked on more than 6,000 cloud computing projects for clients, including more than 60 percent of the Fortune Global 100, and has more than 7,900 professionals trained in cloud computing.

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