PH mobile users record highest download for games, apps in Southeast Asia

A newly released report has revealed that Filipino mobile users are the most voracious downloaders of games and apps in Southeast Asia, with almost 80 percent of the users having downloaded a game or app last month.

However, the same survey — “The Mobile Internet Consumer Report – Southeast Asia 2013” — also showed that downloads by local mobile users for videos (39 percent) and music (30 percent) are relatively lower than the Southeast Asia average.

The report was conducted by mobile ad network with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) to provide a regional and country-specific insight into mobile Internet usage across six Southeast Asian countries namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The report was based on a primary survey of over 3,000 mobile Web and app users and conducted over a two-week period last July 2013.

The survey also revealed the Philippines has a significantly larger pool of graduate and post-graduate mobile Internet users (54 percent), compared to Southeast Asia (36 percent).

The country, it was found, also has the highest proportion of mobile Internet users in the 18-24 year age category.

The report noted that mobile Internet users in the Philippines have a keen interest to learn about brands (46 percent) through mobile, slightly higher than the region’s average (36 percent)

Filipino mobile users also have the highest ownership of consumer durables at 48 percent, according to the report.

“Mobile Internet users in Philippines enjoy shopping; three out of every four visited a mall or market in the last month,” it indicated.

Overall, the report revealed that the Southeast Asian mobile Internet user is young, employed, and possesses a high spending power.

Some of the insights from the report include:

• More than half of mobile Internet users are generally young; below 24 years of age

• More than a third possess graduate and postgraduate degrees

• Over 70 percent of users are working professionals, with a high spending power that includes frequent visits to restaurants, shopping malls & movie theatres

• Mobile Internet users are content and information hungry, often turning to mobile advertising to fulfill these needs

• Consumers love mobile ads that provide downloadable content (55 percent), followed by those that help discover great deals (42 percent)

• Apps and games are the most downloaded form of content followed by, videos and music

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