LG unveils 5-door refrigerators in PH

LG Electronics has introduced in the country its mega-capacity five-door refrigerator designed with a French door format.

The company said this form and functionality transports the century-old icebox into the present and at the center of innovation, boasting of a capacity of 725L due to its high density insulation with thinner insulation wall, and an inverter linear compressor.

An LG French Door refrigerator

An LG French Door refrigerator

A French door format means the fridge is on top and the freezer at the bottom. LG said the insight behind the French door format was based on a recent consumer study which showed that people tend to access the fridge more frequently than the freezer.

LG claims the top fridge and bottom freezer design lets children and the elderly access items with ease and convenience with less effort and bending backs.

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The LG refrigerator also features a door-in-door component that lets you access frequently needed items with ease while preventing cold air from escaping, a common occurrence in normal refrigerators where you have to open the entire appliance.

Apart from its ground-breaking design, the refrigerator also boasts equally notable energy efficient features, LG said.

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