Local tech distributor debuts 3D printers

Tech distributor MSI-ECS has announced what is perhaps the first local availability of 3D printers under the Moment and Mobius brands.


Since its introduction, 3D printers have benefited various industries — small and big companies alike — by speeding up the process of creating prototypes.

Some industries that have tapped 3D printing technology include architecture, aeronautics, medical, food industry, mechanical, robotics, retails and even fashion.

The new technology offers many applications such as prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, mechanical parts production, biomedical and design.


It also provides innovative ways in manufacturing almost anything and has ultimately signaled a change in the way businesses are run today and what’s to come in the future.

These are the potential benefits of businesses from 3D printers:

• Simplified workflow and reduced costs
• Increased product efficiency by developing prototypes going through testing phase
• Mitigate risk in production
• Saving time and money resulting to higher profit margins
• Customization tailored to preferences

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