Aklan province to host Visayas ICT conference next year

By Jun N. Aguirre

KALIBO — The Aklan provincial government — through its ICT council — will host a conference next year that will address issues of ICT organizations in the Visayas.

A facade of the Aklan capitol building. Credit: Roy San Buenaventura

A facade of the Aklan capitol building. Credit: Roy San Buenaventura

The conference, which will invite both government and non-government organizations, will discuss the different challenges and concerns that the industry is facing in the Visayas, Marsh Bernabe, secretariat of the ICT Council said.

The Visayas ICT Organization (Victor) conference will also put up a program to train an initial 500 participants in the business process outsourcing industry in the province.

“We are actually targeting around 3,000 recruits. Currently, we are looking for a locator who will invest in a travel BPO in the province,” Aklan governor Florencio Miraflores said.

To jumpstart its ICT industry, the provincial government has approved the construction of a new P1.5- million ICT building. “In the budget, costs of facilities are not yet included,” the governor added.

For his part, Guidon Dela Cruz, secretary of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Aklan said that the business community is supporting the plan to open an ICT industry.

“We anticipate economic growth, more investors and more employees could benefit, among others,” said Dela Cruz who is also a member of the ICT Council.

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