Filipino kids bag 52 medals, awards in India math contest

Students from the Philippines won a total of 52 medals and awards including four gold medals in an international math contest in India.

Elementary and high school students competed in the 2017 India International Mathematics Competition (InIMC) held in Lucknow City from July 25 to 31.

The Philippines’ elementary (left) and high school teams display the  flag and their awards at the India International Mathematics Competition awarding ceremony. (MTG)

The Philippines’ elementary (left) and high school teams display the flag and their awards at the India International Mathematics Competition awarding ceremony. (MTG)

In the team contest for elementary students, PH Team C, composed of Cassidy Kyler Tan of Davao Christian High School, Kristen Steffi Teh of Grace Christian College, Enzo Rafael Chan of Bayanihan Institute, and Sean Matthew Tan of Jubilee Christian Academy, won four gold medals when they wound up as champion in the team contest. PH Elementary Team B bagged four bronze medals as second runner-up in the team contest and a trophy for getting first runner-up in the group contest.  

In the team contest for high school, PH Teams B and D grabbed eight silver medals as first runners-up and PH Team A collected four bronze medals as second runner-up.

In the individual contest, the Philippine delegation won six silvers, 15 bronze, and 10 merit awards, said Dr. Isidro Aguilar and Dr. Simon Chua of the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG), which trained the students. Aguilar, Chua, Roberto Degolacion, Minerva Bianca Avecilla, Arvie Ubarro, Geraldine Subida, Joseph Wee, and Renard Eric Chua accompanied the Philippine team to the contest.

The InIMC was participated in by Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Below is the complete list of individual, team, and group contest winners from the Philippines:

Silver Medal (individual contest)
Kristen Steffi Teh — Grace Christian College — Champion (team)
Kei Hang Derek Chan — St. Jude Catholic School — 2nd runner-up (team), 1st runner-up (group)
Noel Stephen Dequito — Xavier School-Nuvali — 2nd runner-up (team), 1st runner-up (group)
Erin Christen Noceda — SPED-G Kalayaan — 2nd runner-up (team), 1st runner-up (group)
Julian Raymund Yu — British School Manila — 1st runner-up (team)
William Joshua King — Bethany Christian School — 1st runner-up (team)

Bronze Medal (individual contest)
Enzo Rafael Chan — Bayanihan Institute — Champion (team)
Cassidy Kyler Tan — Davao Christian High School — Champion (team)
Sean Matthew Tan — Jubilee Christian Academy — Champion (team)
Sigfred Kerwayne Kwan — Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Lawrence Gabriel Dy — CFF Life Academy Foundation — 2nd runner-up (team)
Stephen James Ty — Zamboanga Chong Hua High School — 2nd runner-up (team)
James Matthew Young — Iloilo National High School — 2nd runner-up (team)
Hiraya Marcos — Philippine Cultural College-Main — 1st runner-up (team)
Raymund Carlo Masbaño — St. John’s Institute — 1st runner-up (team)
Andrhea San Gabriel — University of Baguio Science High School — 1st runner-up (team)
Ryan Jericho Sy — Chiang Kai Shek College 1st runner-up (team)
Jonathan Conrad Yu — Philippine Christian Gospel School — 1st runner-up (team)
Tom Manuel Piccio — Philippine Science High School-SMC
Charles Justin Shi — Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan
Mi Jung Pak — Colegio San Agustin-Biñan

Merit Award (individual contest)

Rickson Caleb Tan — MGC New Life Christian Academy — 2nd runner-up (team), 1st runner-up (group)
Cheska Marina Hufano — Philippine Science High School-CAR — 1st runner-up (team)
Nathan Mayer Dy — St. John’s Institute
Ambrose James Torreon — Rainbow of Angels Learning Center-Butuan
Christopher James Yap — St. John’s Institute
Matthew Charles Carpio — Agoo Kiddie Special School
Cris Lorraine Dela Cruz — Bolinao Integrated School
Joshua Miguel Mariano — Colegio San Agustin-Biñan
John Dominic Ragudo — Philippine Science High School-CAR  
Cris Magdalene Dela Cruz — Philippine Science High School-CAR

Certificate (individual contest)

Angelo Vince Perez — De La Salle Lipa — 2nd runner-up (team)
James Martin Young — SPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children
Maximus Dizon — Philippine Science High School-CVC