AI experts, analyst firms to tackle future of BPO industry at int’l summit

The rapid development and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by enterprises have dominated discussions for the past year — a topic that has divided experts as it relates to its implications on the IT-BPM industry and its workforce.


Delving into this issue, the Information Technology and Business Process Management Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), in partnership with the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), will be holding the 9th International IT-BPM Summit, titled “PH DNA: Human Tech.”

“There have been a lot of concerns regarding the IT-BPM space particularly in regards to the issue of AI, but what we want to focus on are the opportunities,” said IBPAP president Rey Untal. “What are those new services that we will be able to take on and what are we doing to capture those opportunities? All of those questions will be answered at the conference.”

The IIS will also feature thought leaders and industry figures from all over the globe to weigh in on the impact of technologies such as AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on the Philippine IT-BPM industry.

Automation experts Richard Jones of Automation Anywhere, and George Yang of AI Pros, will be among the speakers for the summit, alongside top operations analyst Eric Simonson of Everest Group, as they lead the conversation on the Future of Enterprises, the Future of Jobs, and the Future of AI.

And drawing from the insights they’ll share on these sessions, these experts will also join key industry figures and decision-makers in the summit’s first-ever power panel entitled the “Future Heart-Brain Collab” to truly do a deep dive on AI’s implications on the IT-BPM space.

Jones of Automation Anywhere said that “automation is liberating humans from redundant tasks across every industry, enabling the workforce force to act and be more human again. This will empower organizations to focus on their people and their customers with a far greater human-centric perspective than ever before.”

However, one of the biggest questions relating to the impact of automation has been on its role in transforming the workforce — a subject that will be tackled by Everest Group’s managing partner, Eric Simonson during the summit’s session on the Future of Jobs.

“There are so many changes in service delivery technologies – analytics, automation, and cognitive, to name a few, that we expect to see a real shift in what the machines will do versus what the humans will do.”

Keying in his insights as the presenter for the conference’s panel on the Future of AI, George Yang, the founder and CEO of Silicon-Valley-based tech company, AI Pros, likened the technological breakthroughs to an epidemic

“Think of AI as a virus. It’s going to spread around the world. But how do you create a vaccine? You take it out from a virus. So, we get AI and introduce it to the industry, giving it time to be able to create antibodies. And when the virus comes, we’re actually resistant to it, we can compete. That’s what we want to share – that AI is a solution rather than a headwind.”

The 9th International IT-BPM Summit is set to be held on November 7 at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila in Makati City.

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