Job portal releases ‘salary barometer’ for Pinoy IT professionals

Noting that tech professional are among the highest paid workers in the country, local online job poral has drawn up a “Salary Barometer” made specifically for Filipino IT professionals.


The “income guide” features data that was collected, tallied, and analyzed from the database in 2017, pooling information from more than 35,000 resumes.

Roles versus experience

Based on the study, programmers and developers are still on the lead. Junior-level professionals can earn as much as P24,600 monthly on average, while senior-level professionals (with more than five years experience) can get as much as P92,300 a month.

Other roles such as those in network and infrastructure, data, quality assurance, analyst and design are next with an average of P20,000 as average salaries for junior-level professionals.

Workers doing tech support functions are at the bottom of the totem pole with P15,800 per month for starters and P35,250 for senior-level helpdesk and desktop support professionals.

Specific developer skill versus experience

For those with specific skills, junior Python developers can earn an average of P32,500 monthly, while junior mobile developers for iOS and Android are only earning an average of P22,500.

On the rise are workers doing Ruby on Rails. Rookie developers can get an average of P25,000 monthly, which can eventually shoot up to P125,000.

Another lucrative skill set for IT professionals is Java, which can fetch P25,750 per month for professionals with less than two years of experience. This, however, can reach P105,000 as experience increases.

The research also found out that senior software engineers are the highest earners, earning at least P125,000 monthly.

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