Maria Ozawa’s Facebook rant slams disrespectful Uber, Grab drivers

You can’t blame this on technology.

Former Japanese adult film celebrity Maria Ozawa — who now resides in the Philippines and attends to business ventures in Metro Manila — made it known in a Facebook post that two ride-hailing apps have become the bane of her existence.

Photo from Maria Ozawa’s Facebook page

Ozawa revealed that she recently got a text message from a man she didn’t know. The man claimed to have gotten her mobile phone number from a diver under the Uber network. Ozawa shared a screenshot of her text exchange with the man who identified himself as “Ben.”

In her caption accompanying the screenshot, Ozawa tagged the Uber Philippines Facebook page and lamented, “What is wrong with your #uberdrivers giving out customers numbers to their friends?or other customers!? I tried calling the hotline and they didn’t pick up.”

She added: “I change my name on purpose so I can protect my privacy but it still happens and this isn’t my first time blocking numbers from Uber/Grab!!!! Several times I had drivers stalk me and now the drivers are giving away costumers phone numbers !?!? Really!?”

Ozawa seems to have had it with these stalking incidents. The last sentence on her caption says it all: “I LOVE the Philippines but Why can’t I trust this country AT ALL!? Why are the people SO UNPROFESSIONAL!?”

Ozawa then asked her followers to share her posts.

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