Canon PH expands printer lineup with in-body ink tank design

By Teri Dimanlig

Japanese tech giant Canon recently unveiled in the country the latest additions to its ink tank-based Pixma G Series lineup: the G1010, the G2010, the G3010, and the G4010.

The Canon Pixma G1010 printer

Extending the integrated in-body ink tank design popularized by previous G Series models, each of the four new printers can yield 7000 colored prints and 6000 black and white prints per bottle.

They have also been equipped with three never-before-seen specialty features, which include borderless printing.

In addition to that, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi features that allow users to print from anywhere. Atop its quality and built-in features, users can enjoy two years of confident printing and an additional confidence boost with an option for warranty extension.

With the release of the extended G series printer product line, Canons said it aims to support aspiring design-savvy individuals to hone their skills further and cultivate business opportunities.

But Canon said the printers are not limited these individuals. From work-at-home parents to start-up entrepreneurs, students, and hobbyists, the latest series of Canon products can turn their passions and ambitions into profitable business prospects.

“With Filipinos looking into turning their hobbies into potential lucrative business opportunities, Canon aims to provide their needs with the expertise, right tools, and technology to help them succeed,” said Benny Yu, Canon Philippines head of consumer imaging and information division.

“We aim to make starting businesses more delightful for anyone, building their dream ventures from simple passion projects and creative ideas with a companion they can truly trust.”

Creative uses for the new Canon Pixma G Series printers

The new Pixma G Series printers seek to top its competitors with its unique design, printing quality, hardware durability, and versatility. These printers boast high-volume production printing at a low cost per print.

“Canon has always prided itself in being able to provide delight to their loyal consumers. My story has a photographer is a testament to how Canon truly believes in empowering the creative in you. They aim to inspire and steer individuals to hone what they are truly passionate about so they can start and challenge themselves to take off or grow their businesses further,” said Jijo de Guzman, Canon brand ambassador during the product launch.

Prices for the new Pixma G Series printers range from P5,395 to P12,995.

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