Robots cook omelettes for guests at Singapore hotel

In 2017, the M Social Hotel in Singapore created a lot of buzz when they started using the Automated Room Service Associate or AURA.

AURA was created by Savioke. The robot, which was was tasked to deliver various items to guests, is fully programmed to navigate through the hotel.

At that time AURA was said to be “the first of her kind outside the United States.” M Social then revealed in a CNN Travel feature that they were going to bring in more robots at the hotel.

Indeed, M Social has added some Automated Service Chef Associate or AUSCA units into the mix. As its name indicates, this particular robot cooks for guests.

Photos courtesy of Goldweene Quetulio

One of its specialties is the omelette.

The AUSCA can do sunny side-ups, too.

It’s not perfect all the time, but the thought of a robot cooking breakfast more than makes up for it.

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