Local tech firm develops solution against DDoS attacks

Pasig City-based open-source development company 8layer Technologies has launched a home-grown IT solution aimed at thwarting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Dubbed “Kalasag”, which means shield in Filipino, seeks to provide the needed security layers to protect Web applications and website against intrusions and attacks. It provides Layer 7 (the seventh and topmost layer of the Open Systems Interconnect model) and network intelligence to Web applications to secure them from DDoS attacks and unauthorized access.

The tech firm said new types of DDoS attacks are being reported everyday, making important online information unavailable to users. Kalasag, it said, solves that and even comes with a “digital attack map” to show the real-time and live data visualization of DDoS attacks in the Philippines.

“We’ve always made innovative solutions that are beneficial for our country. We want to be actively involved in nation-building through technology. Today, we want to contribute in the cybersecurity arena by doing this anti-DDoS attacks solution for Filipinos. Kudos to our “Kalasag” Team for giving their full efforts and for making this project possible,” said Meric Mara, chairman of 8layer Technologies.

Mara said “Kalasag” is installed on top of the application layer so that any access to the application goes through it first. He said it instantly blocks an attack, making it impossible to destroy a website and its contents.

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