Vivo V9 smartphone touts AR stickers, camera effects

A brand known for championing self-expression, Vivo has released its latest flagship the Vivo V9 which is equipped with fun and enjoyable AR (augmented reality) stickers.

Vivo endorsers Maymay Entrata and Edward Barbers enjoying taking selfie using their V9 AR sticker

AR stickers are decorative stickers one can use to jazz up their selfies. Cute and with a wide array of designs to choose from, the Vivo V9’s AR stickers level up selfies the delightful way.

The AR stickers work best with Instagram and the platform’s Instagram Story. One can be a crowned princess, a bashful bunny, a darling kitten, and a multitude of other “kawaii” personalities with the Vivo V9 special built-in feature.

The AR stickers is a special app built-in for the Vivo V9 which is slowly gaining popularity for the flawless selfies it produces. The Vivo V9 smartphone is an artificial intelligence (AI) selfie camera with a 16 MP+5 MP dual-camera setup.

Much like its predecessors, the V7 and V7+, the V9 also rocks a 24 MP selfie camera that comes with features like AI Face Beauty Natural Light, Studio Light, and Monochrome background which brings selfie-taking with the new Vivo smartphone several notches higher in the quality scale.

Selfie-fans will also benefit in the ample phone display of the Vivo V9 as it could improve the overall composition of every photograph taken, with enhanced clarity and definition.

Photos in super HDR mode

The V9 also allows users to do more and this summer and all year round with specs that allow for endless possibilities in self expression and entertainment.

The AI Bokeh Effect feature rivals the capabilities of the traditional DSLR camera with its high-tech algorithm, which enables precise and optimal focus on the photo’s main subject.

Finally, with Vivo V9, mobile photography have leveled up with the super HDR mode, which helps produce crystal clear photos, brighter colors, and deeper, more defined tones. Vivo V9’s super HDR feature allows for crisper, clearer, vividly colored photos so flawless it is practically real-life.

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