Grab PH will mine data to remove rogue drivers, restore public trust

Ride-hailing firm Grab said it will extract its own data for a 100-day improvement plan to restore public trust and confidence after acquiring the regional operations of rival Uber a couple of months back.

Photo credit: Facebook page of Grab PH

Grab’s 100-day plan aims to improve everyone’s journey by addressing rider complaints on booking cancellations, drivers’ behavior, and pricing.

Cindy Toh, country marketing manager of Grab, said they will rely on their data to identify areas of concern with most number of complaints. She said Grab riders can participate in the transformation program by clicking the app in their mobile phones and an instruction will pop up on how to take part in the 100-day plan.

Toh said the removal of the P2-per-minute charge has prompted more drivers to cancel bookings – a problem that Grab wants to address immediately. Drivers that will get most complaints will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

Toh said at present, the cancellation rate among Grab bookings is 8%. “There is a marching order for us to bring it to half at 4%,” Toh told various journalists at I’M Hotel in Makati recently.

The 100-day plan, according to Toh, will not just track notorious drivers but also reward good drivers with performance incentives based on their number of rides, high rating, and good passenger feedback.

“This will make our drivers undergo intensive transformation program to make them models of road courtesy and public service,” the top official said.

Under the rewards program, drivers can become platinum, gold, silver, and regular members and be qualified for perks such as discounted price, driver lounge, and various discounts.

Grab will also implement an improved driver Code of Conduct (CoC), which will set updated rules and regulations that stipulate the tasks and traits of a responsible Grab driver and partner. The driver and the partner must agree and comply with the CoC to maintain access to the Grab app.

To expand public access to the ride-hailing service, Toh said Grab has partnered with BPO firms to address the huge demand from this service sector.

“Our aim is to have better trips for riders at all times. We are rolling out new features that will further enhance our services while ensuring passenger safety on the road,” Toh added. Ayed Sison

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