Check This App | Calm aims to make people happier, sleep better

These days, there’s an app for practically everything. While there are studies that point out how much being hooked on our gadgets has increased our stress levels, there’s an app that wants to prove that going digital can help people relax. The app has good intentions, that for sure. But you can’t blame us for being a wee bit skeptical.

The Calm app aims to be a digital chill pill that will provide resources for people who need to calm the heck down. It has calm-inducing videos, sounds, and stories.

The following are the app’s four main action points for its users. The words are from the Calm app website:

  • Meditate – Learn the life-changing skill of meditation.
  • Breathe – Relax your mind and body with breathing exercises.
  • Sleep – Get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Relax – Enjoy relaxing nature scenes anytime anywhere.

One of the glowing reviews of the app reads: “I love this app. It is aesthetically pleasing and has plenty of options to support a beginner in developing a meditation practice. My kids even ask to use the Calm app. The nature sound options are also terrific, for meditation or simply to have on in background when attempting to create environment of calm.”

We say, perhaps, take this review with a grain of salt. The app that may work wonders for some people may not necessarily work for you. We ourselves are giving Calm a try before we weigh in on whether it works for us or not.

The app’s basic version comes for free and users can just choose to get the upgrades. Alas, it seems that being calm must really come at a price. In any case, if it is really worth it, people will pay for it. After all, getting rid of stress is priceless.

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