PH now has 12th highest number of Internet users

The Philippines has vaulted by three notches to No. 12 worldwide in terms of having the highest number of Internet users.

Citing Internet World Stats’ latest ranking of the top 20 countries with the highest number of Internet users, Makati City Rep. Luis Campos Jr. said some 67 million Filipinos are now browsing the Web, translating to a penetration rate of 63 percent of the population.

The Philippines moved up from No. 15 a year ago, when it had some 54 million users, or a penetration rate of 52 percent of the population, according to Campos.

According to Internet World Stats, the 11 countries with the highest number of Internet users are China, with 772 million; India, 462 million; the United States, 312 million; Brazil, 149 million; Indonesia, 143 million; Japan, 118 million; Russia, 109 million; Nigeria, 98 million; Mexico, 85 million; Bangladesh, 80 million; and Germany, 79 million;

Behind the Philippines, the others in the top 20 are Vietnam, with 64 million; the United Kingdom, 63 million; France, 60 million; Thailand, 57 million; Iran, 56.7 million; Turkey, 56 million; Italy, 54 million; and Egypt, 48 million.

Internet World Stats based its data on country reports from the International Telecommunications Union and Facebook.

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