House unveils new responsive website aimed at young Pinoys

The House of Representatives has unveiled its new website which is intended to respond to the demands of the younger generation.

Inter-parliamentary and public affairs department deputy secretary general Darren de Jesus said the website was designed to be an online repository that Filipinos would want to visit and use regularly in an age of freedom of information and social media activism.

Its proponents said the website is easily navigable and uses simple language to engage the public and encourage interest in legislation.

A primary feature of the site is its mobile-friendliness, meaning it can be viewed and used seamlessly through handheld devices such as smartphones.

Site visitors can view priority measures of the administration, and track the progress of approval beginning at the committee level right up to transmittal to the Senate. The site also lists bills enacted during the 17th Congress.

Users can also learn how House bills are enacted into laws through a short video that can be viewed in Filipino or English. Moreover, infographics will show the objective and key provisions of each priority bill. The infographics can be shared on social media to help increase awareness of the measure.

Users can share their reactions to the bill right on the website, giving the House insight to the public’s thoughts. Further, the site shall feature specific bills for a short period of time through a video highlighting the salient points of the measure. Moving forward, the public can expect the website to be further developed to contain live streams of House committee meetings.

De Jesus said the new domain is an effort to become more “politically correct.” Under the Constitution, “Congress” refers to both chambers of the legislative branch of the government, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Despite this, the House is more commonly referred to as Congress. Moreover, the website containing information about the House and its members is under the domain

De Jesus, however, said the old domain shall not be left empty. Gradually, the content of shall be migrated to the new website so that the old domain can be an umbrella site of both the Senate and the House.

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