JobStreet starts campaign to inspire job applicants via testimonials

By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

JobStreet Philippines has launched its “My JobStreet Stories” testimonial campaign to inspire and encourage jobseekers all over the country – from millennials on the hunt for their first job to those in the middle-age and older age brackets wanting to make a career shift.

The campaign encourages individuals who successfully found employment via JobStreet to share their experiences to help others in their own job search and keep them motivated amid the difficulties.

According to JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca, the idea for My JobStreet Stories is to remind those seeking employment that job hunting is an adventure.

“It’s not everything good. It’s not very easy. It’s really something that you really have to prepare for,” said Gioca during a media briefing on the campaign at JobStreet’s Mandaluyong office on July 11.

Hence, they need stories told by successful JobStreet users from different segments, different age brackets, and with varying experiences in their job hunting journeys, he said.

“I would love to get a story to show that there are opportunities even if you’re 60. That would be a great story,” related Gioca, adding that their office building houses a lot of BPO firms and he sees some 60-year-olds working in these companies.

Two of these job searchers featured in My JobStreet Stories are Jennifer Padua and Junel de Guzman Aceres.

Padua has a Political Science degree under her belt but with the help of JobStreet, landed a job as digital marketing manager for a leading mall chain in the country.

“You just have to try and try sending your resume to potential employers,” she said in her testimonial. “You’ll never know what new opportunities are out there unless you try.”

For his part, Aceres started applying to different companies after his internship but did not get hired. He kept on sending his resume and eventually found a full-time job as front-end Web developer at the same company where he served as intern.

“For all the jobseekers out there, I urge them to hold on to their dreams,” he said. “Nothing in life comes easy, so do not give up even if you feel you’ve been rejected to many times.”

Aside from telling stories from the jobseeker’s perspective, Gioca said that they also would like to get the employer’s side of the tale.

“We really would want to get the hirer’s perspective – that looking for a talent is also a challenge. We want to highlight that. People can draw inspiration from that,” he added.

To add your story to My JobStreet Stories testimonial campaign, log on to this site. The best stories will be also featured on JobStreet’s Facebook page.

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