‘DigitalcitiesPH’ portal unveiled to attract investors to countryside

The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), has launched the digitalcitiesPH portal.

Photo shows (from left) IBPAP president Rey Untal, DICT undersecretary Monchito Ibrahim, NCIP president Antonio del Carmen, and Philippine Software Industry Association president Jonathan de Luzuriaga

The online portal is a platform that provides a comprehensive overview of a city or municipality’s investment landscape, offering strategic insights for current and prospective investors and locators. Each profile provides key information on talent, infrastructure, cost, digital transformation, innovation ecosystem, and business environment.

“The digitalcitiesPH portal harnesses the power of technology and information to bridge the gap between the different regional cities and potential locators,” said IBPAP president and CEO Rey Untal.

“This portal enables a collaborative space for business discussions, linking our cities to stakeholders and investors on a global scale,” he added.

For investors and locators, the portal provides access to key information about the cities and sees what specific sectors, products or services they can invest in. As a result, business and investment hubs can be grown on a regional scale and foster inclusive growth for the country.

However, there is a need for individual cities and municipalities to know, profile, and promote their strengths and offerings to locators and investors.

“We have ICT councils present in most provincial cities and municipalities and they can be leveraged to facilitate local ICT growth and development,” explained NICP president Antonio Del Carmen.

“But these ICT Councils have varying levels of maturity and strategies in attracting, growing, and sustaining investments.”

To address this and foster localized development and support for the countryside that caters to the diverse and evolving needs of prospective locators, the IBPAP, DICT, and the NICP also devised the “DigitalcitiesPH Playbook: A Guide to Developing and Promoting ICT-enabled Locations.”

The playbook aims to give ICT councils and other local entities a guide to help them provide real-time and relevant information to locators and investors, which will be crucial in developing investor promotion materials and local ICT development plans.

Moreover, the playbook will enable them to strategize, market their locations, and provide quality and seamless services to locators and investors.

“Through the Playbook, we hope to develop a deeper knowledge and better appreciation of locations outside NCR. Bringing in more investments, job generation, and fostering inclusive growth for the country,” said DICT undersecretary Monchito Ibrahim.

The digitalcitiesPH platform and the playbook are one of the key initiatives of the digitalcitiesPH program which focuses on the development of ICT-enabled hubs that will serve as business and innovation centers and investment destinations outside Metro Manila.

The digitalcitiesPH program is led by Jonathan de Luzuriaga, IBPAP trustee and Philippine Software Industry Association President, Spring Valley Tech Corporation CEO, and head of the PH IT-BPM Roadmap 2022 Inclusive Growth Technical Working Group.

Also, the digitalcitiesPH launch was in partnership with Leechiu Property Consultants and its CEO David Leechiu who have been promoting inclusive growth in the country since 2009.

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