Gadget Watch | SmartFeeder controls feeding of pets via smartphone

One of the best things about technology is that it make it possible for us to be — in a manner of speaking — present in two places at the same time. Machines or apps become our proxies.

In the cae of the SmartFeeder — which is manufactured by a company based in Los Angeles, California called Petnet — it makes it easier for people who live solo to feed their pet cat or dog even when they aren’t home.

SmartFeeder is touted by Petnet as an “automatic feeder” that is able to “feed your pet the right portion — on time, every time.” It’s like the digital version of a dog dish. In fact, it’s like a dog dish that can “think” and anticipate the needs of the pet that’s left in the house.

Priced at $179 (around P9,505), the device can hold dry dog or cat food. According to the Petnet write-up, “The SmartFeeder recommends the healthiest portions based on your pets breed, age, weight, and actvity level.”

Photo courtesy of Petnet

More importantly, the device can be controlled via a mobile phone app. As such, you can serve your dog or cat their meals even if you get stuck at work. The device can be configured with a camera so you can see that your pet is actually eating.

There are now a number of reviews of the SmartFeeder. Among them is one done by Paste Magazine.

As of now, the SmartFeeder is not yet available in the Philippines. But we’re pretty sure that devoted pet lovers with some cash to pamper their pets won’t hesitate to get one when they get the chance. After all, it’s quite a neat invention.

Now, if only someone can invent a gadget that will clean up the mess that pets inevitably produce. That would be truly priceless.

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