Local operator of 7-Eleven stores reveals cloud journey, transformation

With cloud computing transforming the tech world, local organizations have embarked on their own cloud journey and are now slowly reaping the benefits on that decision.

Philippine Seven Corporation CTO Jason Jan Ngo

One of these firms is Philippine Seven Corporation, the operator of the 7-Eleven stores in the local market, which said that it has long recognized the need to embrace the value of digitization.

The company’s chief technology officer, Jason Jan Ngo, said in a recent roundtable discussion that taking the leap to the cloud resulted in operational efficiencies, better customer experience, and increased market competitiveness.

The firm’s core system operation is now in the cloud with Oracle E-Business Suite, rendering a better database infrastructure and tooling for Oracle applications and workload.

“If something breaks down, it is really a big loss for us. So that’s why the cloud journey was all about making the entire system more reliable,” said Ngo.

Philippine Seven Corporation specifically uses two Oracle Cloud products: one is the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Cloud Service to host their Application server and the other one is the Oracle Database Cloud Service for their Database.

Before going to the cloud, the company’s on-premise infrastructure required a lot of work and maximum surveillance. This pushed them to tap Oracle to manage its systems and database infrastructure.

The ability to address data and infrastructure woes without enforcing 24/7 human support, he added, allowed the company to meet customer demands and accommodate a greater volume of transactions.

“It gives us peace of mind. That’s the value of the cloud infrastructure,” Ngo emphasized.

But for 7-Eleven, the value of digitization is still a continuing journey. “You know e-commerce, it’s like every day there is a new company coming up. Think of us as like a pick-up station — whatever you think of selling online, we will fulfill that role of being there to pick it up and handle the payments,” said Ngo.

Oracle Philippines managing director Mina Lim

Meanwhile, Oracle Philippines managing director Mina Lim agreed with Ngo’s assertion, saying that Oracle is a partner in 7-Eleven’s digital initiative.

“Their transformation is a well-planned journey to the cloud. And we are here to see and assist them in extracting value from the cloud,” said Lim.

The value of distributing workloads — whether in the cloud or on-premise — makes Oracle one step ahead of its competitors as customers have the options depending on their needs.

“Our installed base is growing because they see the value of distributing their workloads in the cloud and on-premise. I think that’s the advantage of Oracle,” concluded Lim.

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