Kaspersky highlights kid safety feature in security solution

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By Ram S. Agustin

With various threats lurking around the Internet waiting to pounce on clueless children, Russian security firm Kaspersky has deemed it necessary to highlight an extra layer of protection for minors in its Kaspersky Total Security solution.

Kaspersky Southeast Asia pre-sales manager Eunice Quilantang

The Kaspersky Safe Kids, a feature in Kaspersky Total Security, allows parents to be in control of their children’s safety with screen time management, real-time GPS and battery tracker, public social media monitoring, and malicious website blocking.

Eunice Quilantang, pre-sales manager for Kaspersky Southeast Asia, said the battery tracker can avoid situations wherein kids refuse to take their parent’s calls due to battery depletion.

“We’re lucky that, as modern-day parents, we’re now presented with an array of tools to safeguard our children from online threats so parenting becomes easier,” said Quilantang.

“Kaspersky Safe Kids is one solution that empowers parents to be fully aware of their kids’ online activities without the need to check their devices frequently and still respecting their children’s privacy,” he added.

Based on a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab from May 2018 to May 2019, instead of using computers, kids are now shifting their online activities to mobile platforms.

According to Yeo Siang Tiong, general manager for Kaspersky Southeast Asia, the Internet is being utilized by individuals and communities as an empowering tool but it has also been a means to destroy reputations, steal identities, and inflict damage on the vulnerable, especially the children.

“When it comes to kid’s online safety though, we recommend that parents should step in so that the balance is tipped for good,” he added.

Tiong also shared that constant contact with kids paired with advanced security solutions can aid parents in leveraging the power of the Internet positively, all the while protecting their children from the dangers lurking online.

Kaspersky experts also shared some advices to parents regarding the immersion of their kids to the digital world which include establishing mutual trust, being aware of their children’s online activities, proper setting of boundaries, and making use of resources like a parental control software to protect their children from the dangerous digital world.

The Kaspersky Total Security is available for P2,764 for a single device for one year. Customers also have the option to avail a two-year coverage for a single device for P3,801, while three devices covered for a year will have a rate of P3,455.

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