Samsung, Microsoft forge cross-device link via Samsung DeX

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Samsung Electronics and Microsoft have announced that they are teaming up for a long-term strategy in developing an integrated cross-device experience between mobile phones and PC or Mac. This is made possible through the app Samsung DeX, which is initially available in the newly-released Galaxy Note devices.

By simply connecting the smartphone to a monitor or TV, users can take a closer look at media content, or utilize a USB cable to simply transfer files on PC and Mac, as well as operate DeX-optimized applications like Microsoft Word, Twitch, Infinite Painter, and many more. The Your Phone app on the device also lets users send SMS messages and wirelessly transfer image files between a paired phone and Windows PC.

The Samsung DeX will also be installed in the upcoming Galaxy Book S, which aims to provide a refreshed mobile computing experience, mobility and next-generation performance. For both Galaxy and Windows platforms, this partnership is set to expand as Samsung and Microsoft are delving into cloud computing and advanced intelligence to seamless mobile experiences to market in the 5G era.

According to DJ Koh, Samsung’s president and CEO for the IT and mobile communications division, collaborations like their partnership with Microsoft will pave the way in ushering a new generation of mobile experiences backed by new advancements like 5G becoming a reality and will play an important role in helping people live more fluid and flexible lives.

“We believe the mobile industry is on the cusp of a transformation, one in which individual devices give way to seamless, connected and continuous experiences, wherever we go,” added Koh.

Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership will focus on productivity solutions for smartphones integrated into Galaxy products and services that include: Enhanced Outlook Experience, OneDrive Cloud Storage, and a Seamless Flow Between PC and Mobile.

The new Galaxy Note devices feature an optimized and integrated Outlook app with a special S Pen interaction that allows users to get short previews when hovering over emails, calendar events, and contacts.

An update will also be available for the Samsung Gallery, which now automatically syncs to Microsoft OneDrive services so users can access their photos and videos from across their devices.

“Microsoft and Samsung share a long history of innovation and collaboration, and today’s announcements mark the next stage in our partnership,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “Our [aim] is to help people be more productive on any device, anywhere — and the combination of our intelligent experiences with Samsung’s powerful, new devices makes this a reality.”

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