PH exporters urged to use free online biz intelligence tool

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The Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has urged domestic businesses, particularly exporters, to utilize an online tool called “Tradeline Philippines” to access world trade statistics.

Tradeline Philippines is the business intelligence platform of the EMB that aims to deliver timely and relevant information and assistance to existing and potential exporters to enhance their capabilities and competitiveness as suppliers of quality goods and services to global markets.

EMB stressed that the Tradeline portal provides actual trade statistics purchased from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

To use the tool, visitors should click the Trade Statistics button on the home page and will show the Export, Import, and Total Trade box on the left side of the screen.

By clicking Export then applying filters as needed, visitors can get relevant trade data, such as if they need to find out the export volume and value of fresh bananas over a certain period. The same procedure can also work for the Import and Total Trade portions.

According to EMB, the interactive trade statistics can be useful to enterprises in many ways. For exporters, they can use the portal to check how certain export products are faring in the world market.

Domestic suppliers can also find the portal valuable for their research. For instance, they can identify which global products are imported by the Philippines and they can look for these importers and “they try to offer their own products”.

Tradeline is positioned as EMB’s main ICT tool in providing its stakeholders with an integrated export information system that will provide regular trade statistics reports, market and product information, supplier and buyer databases, and other trade-related information to its stakeholders.

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