FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone

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The Galaxy A series makes up Samsung’s mid-range line-up, starting at the base with the A10, and going up to the A80. We’ve previously done detailed reviews of the A20, and the A30 after spending a couple of weeks with them each. Given the current ECQ situation, and the associated limitations, today will be looking at initial impressions of the A80 based on a 30-minute Zoom call with its new owner.

Key Observations:

Released in mid-2019, the Galaxy A80 has very competent specs and offers solid internals that almost places it in the flagship category. The battery is a respectable 3700 mAh and allows for 25W fast charging. It also features a large 6.7-inch screen, with an under-display fingerprint scanner.

One of the novel features of the A80 is the rear camera that has a motorized pop-up rotating mechanism, allowing it to function as a front camera as well. This means impressive selfies, taking advantage of the primary 48-megapixel rear camera.

Couple the great hardware with software upgradable to Android 10, and the A80 could very likely be an ideal option for a solid, no-compromise mobile phone device that doesn’t break the bank.


  • CPU: Snapdragon 730 (Octa-core)
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 126GB (UFS 2.1)
  • Screen: 6.7-inch Super AMOLED
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2400
  • Camera: Triple – 48-megapixel primary, 8-megapixel ultrawide, and a depth sensor
  • Battery: 3700 mAh

What’s Missing:

If you’re particular about the absolute bleeding edge of new top of the line tech, the A80 does not include a quad HD display (2160p / 4k), nor a higher refresh rate. It’s a regular HD display (1080p), with a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. The camera setup is good but lacks the wow factor of the Galaxy S series with its Quad cameras. There is no wireless charging, nor official water resistance rating.

Initial Impressions:

The device is quite large and feels heavy. It’s also slippery at times, so using it with a cover is recommended. The large screen is great for content consumption, be it streaming video or gaming. There isn’t a dedicated button for the Bixby assistant; but if you don’t use it, that’s a non-factor.

Out of the box, the device shipped with Android 9 Pie but was upgradable to Android 10. Worth mention is improvements made to the operation of the camera. Before the update, the motorized camera would stay out while previewing recently taken selfies but now returns to its normal position; which is a safer implementation.

Is it for You:

The Samsung Galaxy A80 was originally released at P29,990, but has subsequently become available at P24,990, or sometimes less. Given its mighty specs, unless you need the frills that the flagship phones offer at double the price, the A80 offers far better bang for the buck.

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