Philippine Science High School to implement new modes of learning

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With physical distancing being advised globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is set to implement two learning options.

In a virtual presser on Friday, May 22, PSHS executive director Lilia Habacon said a new curriculum is now being prepared based on what the school can deliver. There would be two options or modes — flexible learning and online learning.

“Under the flexible learning, only 50 percent of our (PSHS) total population would have classes for one month, then the other 50 percent after them,” she said.

Habacon clarified that this won’t be the typical lecture-type of classes. “We would use this time to clarify the things the students didn’t understand while having online learning. The things that they did not understand, they could ask the teachers during the flexible learning,” she said.

DOST secretary Fortunato la Peña, in the same presser, said he believes the time teachers and students do not face each other should not be that long. The PSHS’s plans have been approved, he added.

In online learning, students may get printed materials from the PSHS campuses. These materials can be reviewed at home. They may also inquire from the campus if these materials could be delivered to them.

In crafting the new curriculum, Habacon said they considered what could be the most essential for the students in terms of readiness for college.

Meanwhile, a Bridging Program will be held in August. Parents and students will be oriented on the requirements, and how the new learning methods would be done.

Next school year will start on August 24, Habacon said. “We advise students to enroll in (PSHS) campuses near them. (Safety measures) like physical distancing will be implemented. The students should always be protected,” she said. — Ma. Cristina Arayata (PNA)

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