Cisco unveils solutions for ‘next normal’ in workplace

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Network gear maker Cisco recently held a virtual event called Cisco Live! Digital to highlight its new solutions that are geared towards the industry’s “next normal” landscape and operating parameters.

During the two-day event, solutions that are in line with the social distancing needs in the workplace, secure remote work, and reinforced healthcare and education support were given the spotlight. 

With thousands of attendees consisting of customers, partners, and the public, Cisco unveiled its new portfolio that is focused on maintaining resiliency in all aspects of businesses despite the current global situation and conditions.

The 5th PwC Covid-19 CFO Pulse Survey has revealed that 87% of the respondents are organizations putting more focus on adapting to the new workplace safety requirements. As a more permanent alternative, more than half of the total number of respondents are organizations deciding on operating primarily with remote work.

That is why Cisco is addressing these post-pandemic challenges with a two-pronged approach – solutions that guarantee security for remote workers and satisfying the safety requirements for a trusted on-site workplace.

Cisco’s partners were able to fend off being hit by a stronger impact of the pandemic since they maintained working with Cisco Customer Experience (CX), but the weaknesses of many organizations were still exposed due to lack of preparation and contingencies.

That is why CIOs, IT and operations leaders are looking at building an IT environment that has adapted to the changes brought by the new normal as the next logical step moving forward.

“Over the past several months, we’ve seen major disruption to many industries and organizations at a pace like never before. Businesses that once mapped digital strategy in one- to three-year periods have been required to scale their initiatives essentially overnight,” said Chuck Robbins, Cisco chairman and CEO.

A brief rundown of the portfolio on industry solutions for healthcare and education includes distance learning solutions and quick set-up medical facilities with IT infrastructure.

For the workforce, Cisco is offering remote contact centers with on-prem or cloud technology, flexible remote network access, and remote security.

Meanwhile, the workplace solutions comprise of virtual visitations integrated with inmate management systems, connectivity of remote offices to the corporate network, and the use of Cisco’s own DNA Spaces to use wireless infrastructure to monitor social density on-site.

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