Facebook users alerted on phishing attack ?in the wild?

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http://apps-xxxx-xxxxx-user.de.vu. Thank you. The Facebook Team?/ When a victim clicks on the link, he will be redirected to a website that looks and feels like Facebook?s own website. The fake Facebook site then asks the victim to provide personal information such as name, email address, password, webmail system, among others. When submitting this form, the details will be sent to the attacker who can automatically login to your Facebook account and compromise it. After filling up these details, the victim will be asked for final identity confirmation with a payment and by having the person give his or her credit card information. Jacoby advised Facebook users to be aware of such threats to avoid becoming victims. ?These scams are just getting more popular and we really recommend not giving out personal information, especially not email, password and credit card information over social media. It is also recommended that you contact your security vendor and the social media vendor if you encounter these sites,? he said.]]>

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