Cisco exec: Consumers now driving innovation

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[/caption] This is according to Carlos Dominguez, senior vice president of Cisco Systems, who said in a ?Telepresence? session from Australia that technology has put decision-making and influence in the hands of ordinary consumers. ?There has been a role reversal — consumers are now driving the innovation circle,? said Dominguez, who reports directly to Cisco chair and CEO John Chambers. As an acknowledgment that consumers have better tools, the tech executive cited the emerging phenomenon of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which large companies have not been able to fight. As a result, employees now use their own devices in their work sites instead of being imposed or given a company-issued brand or unit. As a result, these devices have become prized possessions that more people return home for their cell phone than their wallet, Dominguez said, citing a survey.]]>

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