Lenovo sees convergence trend boosting its stock

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By Rizal Raoul Reyes The convergence trend is going to be major driver of business for Lenovo, according to its top executive. [caption id="attachment_560" align="alignright" width="175" caption="Agorrilla"][/caption] Lenovo Philippines country general manager Vicky Agorilla said the strong showing in the Philippine market of the IdeaCentre B320 All in One (AIO) desktop has proven that Filipinos appreciate innovative products. ?We are pleased with the response from consumers for our Idea product portfolio, particularly for IdeaCentre B320 AIO, which is popular among families seeking for strong performance and rich multimedia features in a compact and stylish design,? said Agorilla. Aside from being a computing machine, the IdeaCentre B320 AIO is also an HD television that delivers the entertainment component for the user. ?This current product addresses the three Cs, namely, computing, communication, and consumer electronics,? said Agorilla. She said the company?s thrust of pushing the PC in the Philippines is part of the global campaign to make it the top brand in the world and, at the same time, develop a strong presence in the commercial, small to medium business, and consumer PCs. As far as smart televisions are concerned, Agorilla said the convergence trend is going to boost the demand for IdeaCentre B320 AIO towards the consumer?s goal of building a digital home. Furthermore, the Lenovo executive said tablets are also an important part of Lenovo?s product strategy as it will leverage the company?s tradition of innovation in providing quality products. To give a strong focus in promoting the tablets, Lenovo has put up the Mobile Internet and Digital (MIDH) group in 2011 to capitalize on the hyper-growth potentials of the new the product categories and the tablet. As part of its four-screen strategy, Agorilla said Lenovo has entered the smartphone market, initially targeting the Chinese market. She added the company?s smartphone business registered impressive sales and gained 1.6 points of market share in one month. Meanwhile, Agorilla said Lenovo has learned to adapt to different marketing strategies in order to adequately address the differing levels of development between the capital cities and uptowns. ?In the rural areas, the proportion of first-time buyers is higher, so they require a salesperson?s greater attentiveness and at the same time responsiveness post-purchase service which is why we have invested on retail programs, providing sales and product training to our retail partners,? she said. ]]>

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