Intel to power in-vehicle infotainment of Nissan cars

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[/caption] The IVI system features a twin-display that was unveiled in the Infiniti LE, a luxury zero-emissions concept vehicle, at the New York International Auto Show. Infiniti is the luxury vehicle brand of the Nissan. Nissan selected Intel as a technology partner to jointly develop in-vehicle experiences that will keep drivers and passengers informed, entertained, and productive while maintaining optimal safety. The twin-display will enable the driver to see vital traffic information and navigation while simultaneously delivering entertainment, such as movies, to passengers. “The Infiniti LE showcases the concept of smart hospitality,” said Andy Palmer, executive vice president, Nissan Motor Company and in charge of Infiniti. “The twin-display, developed with Intel technology inside, is a breakthrough feature that presents driving-related information in the right place and at the right time.” The product development builds on a longstanding relationship between Intel and Nissan, which includes joint research through Intel Labs to explore new ways to customize applications and enhance mobile device connectivity in the car. The joint research focused on several areas of exploration, including mobile device-to-vehicle fusion, cloud-based services for vehicles, and vehicle video surveillance via smartphones, as well as vehicle access and control via smartphones. For example, by using in-car connectivity and cameras and sensors already in the car, the car is able to notify the owner via smartphone when the vehicle is struck in a parking lot. Additionally, using near-field communications or a barcode to securely pair a smartphone with a car enables the smartphone to become a virtual key for remote keyless entry to the vehicle. The announcement follows additional efforts toward realizing Intel’s vision for the connected car including the recent creation of the $100 million Intel Capital Connected Car Fund, the opening of a new global Automotive Innovation and Product Development Center in Karlsruhe, Germany, an academic outreach program focused on IVI and telematics, and the expansion of Intel Labs Experience and Interaction Research in automotive.]]>

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