Ayala semicon firm to intensify focus on solar panels, car electronics

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By Rizal Raoul Reyes Correspondent Ayala-owned semiconductor subcontractor Integrated Microelectronics Inc (IMI) announced on Friday that it will continue to pursue the development and manufacture of photovoltaic (PV) modules in support of the global transition to reduce carbon footprint. [caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignright" width="195" caption="Tan"][/caption] ?IMI is working toward more sustainable toward more sustainable solar markets in the future such as Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV), a type of solar technology that uses mirrors to focus and capture more energy from available sunlight in a given area,? said IMI president and chief executive officer Arthur Tan during a media briefing after the company?s annual stockholders meeting held in Makati City. IMI, through PSI Technologies, is involved in the development of LED prototype that will replace the incandescent bulbs and drive down costs, Tan added. According to Frost and Sullivan, solar panel installations are expected to triple at more than 60GW by 2016. Furthermore, PV inverter shipments this year will grow five percent, according to the research agency. Tan said the biggest markets for the solar panels are Australia and China with India looming at third. With the expected huge volume of solar panels from these countries, Tan said IMI could engage in mass manufacturing. He said IMI will also be active in the development of exhaust after-treatment for diesel systems in response to the call for producing a cleaner diesel fuel. Frost and Sullivan, the analyst firm, said the electronics market of exhaust after-treatment for diesel systems will grow to 5B Euros by 2015 with a compounded annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 21 percent. Tan mentioned that PV inverter will also continue to a growth driver for the electronics industry as consumers buy new devices equipped with this technology to achieve savings as high as 40 percent in electrical consumption. Frost and Sullivan said PV inverter shipments in 2012 will grow 5 percent. He said IMI will give strong emphasis on significant emerging applications in car electronics in line with its goal to grow as a company focusing on innovation. ?We anticipate to profit from increasing automotive electronic content through the development of driver assistance systems, safety-related control devices, electronic steering modules and ignition modules,? said Tan. Tan pointed out that IMI is capable of developing advanced power packaging power modules and next-generation inverters for hybrid and electric vehicles. He said the American market?s demand for green cars will be a big window of opportunity for the company to develop the components for the vehicles. Meanwhile, IMI reported a $575.5 million in consolidated sales revenues in 2011, indicating a 40-percent increase from $412.3 million in 2010 despite the tough business conditions highlighted by calamities in Japan and Thailand that weakened component supply, and the global financial crisis that weakened the demand for electronic products. ]]>

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