Gov?t bares first graduates of online course on occupational safety

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[/caption] Those who finished the course are Frances Dominguez, Renato Mateo, Ruel Teves, Anabel Punzalan, Lester Marqueses, Anthony Hermogino, Abelardo delos Santos, Timothy Manos, Elmar Godino, Noel Benitez, Dexter Manigbas, Virginia Santo, and Michale Bonete. ?I congratulate the first 13 graduates of the e-BOSH. Their completing the basic occupational safety and health course through the Internet is a testament to the efficacy of OSHC?s innovation,? Baldoz said. Citing the report of OSHC Executive Director Ma. Teresita Cucueco, Baldoz said most of the 13 e-BOSH graduates took the course while having full-time day jobs. Among them are engineers, safety consultants, health officers, nurses, and authorized managing officers. Dominguez, a licensed nurse who is still looking for a job, said: ?The e-BOSH helped me understand and appreciate the importance of safety and health in the workplace without going on leave or taking time off from work. This will help me in my profession, and I think it will also open more career opportunities for me.? The OSHC launched the e-BOSH, with Baldoz as guest of honor, in December 2011. The e-BOSH is the online version of the complete course on OSH, which also incorporates BOSH topics such as good housekeeping; materials handling; machine, fire, chemical, and electrical safety; occupational health; and OSH legislation. Created for distance learners, the e-BOSH requires course takers to pass an examination at the end of every module before being given access to the succeeding modules. Upon completion, the course taker is also required to submit a reentry plan to help him/her integrate what he/she learned to the workplace. With the upsurge in OSH awareness around the world, the number of workers taking OSH courses has also increased, Cucueco noted. ?The number of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers] on leave from abroad who are inquiring about various OSH trainings is increasing. These OFWs often compete for slots with thousands of workers here in the Philippines who are also required by their companies to take OSH courses in compliance to the OSH Standards. Now, workers nationwide and abroad can avail of the online BOSH and complete the course while at work,? she said. There are, at present, 25 learners taking the e-BOSH course, and many more have expressed their intentions to enroll, Cucueco said.]]>

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