PNoy slammed for not reappointing Lagman

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[/caption] Last Tuesday, news broke out that Malacanang will no longer push for Lagman’s reappointment in poll body after getting by-passed again by the Commission on Appointments (CA). Palace officials said they decided not to reappoint Lagman to spare him the trouble getting rejected at the confirmation hearings because Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, chair of the CA, supposedly has a long-standing grudge against him. Lagman, a co-founder of IT school STI, served as Comelec commissioner for only 10 months. If confirmed, his termed would have been six years. In a statement of support issued Friday, expressed its ?strong disappointment? in the non-reappointment of Lagman. ?Although it is the President?s prerogative to select and appoint people to government positions, Mr. Lagman?s non-reappointment is a sad case of non-appreciation of the sterling qualities of a righteous man who has performed his duties in the service of God and country,? the statement said. The group said the country?s goal of ?achieving clean, honest , accurate, transparent and auditable elections has somehow dimmed with the non-reappointment of Mr. Augusto Lagman, who has served the Commission well by sharing his years of experience and expertise in the field of Information Technology, without being tainted by any hint of graft and corruption while in office.? It added that it was ?ironic that an IT expert who has been working hard to introduce reforms? in the Comelec for the Automated Election Systems (AES), is ?not reappointed to complete his work during this critical period of preparation for the National Elections of 2013.? ?Is the lobby of certain quarters favoring the use of the ?Hocus PCOS? machines that strong to influence the decision of Malacanang in its earlier choice of Mr. Augusto Lagman as Commissioner of Comelec?? the organization asked. ?Has Mr. Lagman, being the Odd Man Out, become such a pain in the neck of the Commissioners who condoned Smartmatic?s violations of the Law, R.A. 9369 and the original Terms of the Contract of Lease for the 2010 Elections by accepting the delivery of an inferior model of the Smartmatic PCOS machines?? it queried. The IT group also noted that Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes ?has gravitated to the side of the Smartmatic-friendly commissioners?. ?Why is Commissioner Lagman, who has given back to the IT Department of Comelec their function of designing and developing the Consolidation and Canvassing System to be used in the Elections, not being supported by the very institution mandated to carry out this function as stated in our country?s Constitution?? it asked. The group said it is only the ?Filipino Comelec employee? who can know the intricacies of the unique Philippine Elections better than a Venezuelan marketing the Dominion System of Canada.? Addressing Aquino, the groupd said: ?Mr. President, if you are to propagate your advocacy of the ?Tuwid na Daan?, it is people like Mr. Augusto Lagman that you should be appointing to positions in Comelec for his unquestioned loyalty, integrity and intellectual capability.?]]>

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