Level-Up, e-Games make debut as married couple

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[/caption] According to a source, the employees have resigned because of the bad blood between their counterparts at Level-Up, who will now become their overlords after the company gobbled up e-Games. The animosity between the employees traces its roots from the bitter rivalry of Level-Up and e-Games in previous years. The two firms have battled for supremacy in the online gaming sector, with their respective workers occasionally bringing the hostility in various online forums. The merged companies, however, have started their recruitment binge to replace, apparently, the employees who are leaving. In fact, the Domination 6 gaming event held at the World Trade Center featured a job fair. At the gaming confab, the top bosses of e-Games and Level-Up ? Enrique Gonzalez and Ben Colayco ? were seen together for the first time. In a Facebook comment, Gonzalez said the ?mega merger will reshape the industry and grow the market.? ?E-Games and Level-up both share the same values. Both companies were founded by gamers, run by gamers, for gamers. Ben and I are actually old friends and I can say we are both very happy that we are now also working together,? he said. ?I?d like to thank the e-Games community for the many years of support, and please continue to support us and embrace the Level-Up community,? Gonzalez added. According to the organizers, the completion of the merger between IP e-Games and Level-Up last March 30 has paved the way for Domination 6 to become a launch pad for the combined gaming activities of both online publishers.]]>

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