PH, China on the brink of full-scale online war

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Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda confirmed that the DoS attack occurred at around four o?clock in the afternoon of Monday, April 23, causing government servers to momentarily lag. The Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) said it noticed a significant spike in traffic with malicious URL requests from forged user-agents being channeled to the Official Gazette website (, the PCDSPO website (, and the Presidential Museum and Library website ( ?We determined that this was a denial-of-service attack. Information gathered through our data analysis indicated that the attack originated from IP addresses assigned to Chinese networks,? Lacierda said. The latest attack comes after Filipino hackers retaliated on Sunday with an assault on Chinese websites as the territorial dispute erupted between the Philippines and China over the ownership of Scarborough Shoal (called Huangyan Island by China) at the West Philippine Sea. Earlier, China-based hackers defaced the website of the state-run University of the Philippines. This triggered Filipino hackers to return the favor against their Chinese counterparts. It is not known if the attacks have been sanctioned by the Chinese government, which has flexed its military muscle in the on-going naval stand-off. The Philippine government, for its part, has clarified it had no involvement in the retaliation of the Filipino hackers and that they acted on their own. Lacierda, however, said advised the public to ?expect temporary disruption of service while the attack is ongoing.? International publications have also taken notice of the simmering battle, with an Indian news website noting that a Chinese media outlet has already called for ?small-scale war? against the Philippines. A senator, meanwhile, has cautioned Filipinos against being unwitting pawns in what could possibly be a politically motivated show of force of China in their excursions into the Scarborough Shoal. “We should not allow our country to be unwittingly drawn into the escalating tensions over the Scarborough Shoal. We must tread very carefully. China is currently embroiled in a leadership scandal at the highest levels of the Communist Party. The current tension in the West Philippine Sea could become a very convenient diversion by fanning the flames of nationalist fanaticism in China,” stated Sen. Francis ?Kiko? Pangilinan. The senator pointed out, “We should not allow ourselves to become scapegoats in a brewing internal controversy. We must exercise utmost restraint.”]]>

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