PH is global leader in biz English fluency

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An article at respected IT news website painted a glowing picture of the Philippines as it cited a global study conducted by GlobalEnglish, a Brisbane, Calif.-based provider of on-demand English language instruction to customers including Cisco, Procter & Gamble, and GM. The article said the Philippines came out as the clear leader out of the top 30 countries by size of labor force. It was the only country to score at the intermediate level (7.11), indicating the ability to take an active role in business discussion and perform complex tasks, said. India, the main rival of the Philippines in the BPO space, came in at a far second with a score of 5.57, indicating the ability to understand business presentations and communicate descriptions of problems and solutions, but not the capability to take an active role in business discussions or perform relatively complex tasks. Next were Canada (5.45), Indonesia (5.28), and the United Kingdom (5.24). On the other hand, the worst performing of the biggest countries were Colombia (2.75), Brazil (2.95), Turkey (2.97), Japan (3.40), and Mexico (3.50). quoted GlobalEnglish president Tom Kahl, who noted that business English ineptitude can plague even native English-speaking countries. The score for test takers in the US (most of them non-native English speaking engineers and scientists) fell to 5.09 this year from 6.9 in the previous year, the story said. commented the survey results may rattle IT leaders who will now be concerned about the language barrier when sending work overseas. ?Latin American countries, in particular, lag in the ability to understand and communicate basic business information in English,? it said, noting that the language barrier has always been a concern for IT leaders sending corporate technology projects and support overseas. ]]>

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