Cyber war escalates as DBM website is hacked

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website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) on Monday afternoon, April 25, heightening the on-going cyber war between the Philippines and China. [caption id="attachment_1371" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="The defaced DBM website. Credit:"][/caption] DBM secretary Florencio ?Butch? Abad confirmed that the agency?s official website was vandalized by hackers, though he did not say if they came from the China, which is currently embroiled in territorial dispute with the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea. ?We have yet to establish the true identities of the parties or individuals responsible for the attack,? Abad said. He said that initial findings of the agency?s IT department indicate that all important data in the website remained intact. ?We are at present conducting a security audit on the site, which will remain offline until the audit has been completed and the necessary repairs are made,? he said. Abad revealed that last week, the DBM made a soft launch of its new website, which was designed to be more user-friendly, navigable, and interactive for Web users and visitors. ?It is fortunate that we shifted to the new platform, which presents fewer security risks than the DBM?s previous content management system,? he stated. He added: ?We are issuing this statement to alert other agencies to possible vulnerabilities in their respective websites.? In what appeared to be another hacking incident related to the Philippines-China stand-off, the website of The Manila Times was also reported to have also been struck by hackers on Wednesday. But, unlike the DBM website which remained offline as of this posting, the website of the Dante Ang-owned newspaper was readily put back online. The Philippine government earlier said that it is it is ?not condoning nor encouraging? retaliatory attacks by local hacker groups against Chinese website. ]]>

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