Russian solutions firm eyes PH call centers

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The software firm, Naumen, said it is the first Russian developer of IT solutions for call centers to approach the Asia Pacific market. In April 2012, Naumen said it plans to present its solutions in the Asia-Pacific region, where the Philippines and India have been showing explosive growth on the call center market in recent years. The region?s share of outsourced call centers servicing customers from the United States and Europe reached 75 percent, according to a CC Benchmark Dynamic Asian Markets study. Before its international expansion move, the company said it carried out a study of the call center market in the Asia-Pacific region and built up a strong management team led by Andrei Zaitsev, former deputy IT and communications minister of Russia?s Sverdlovsk region. ?The Southeast Asian market is most exciting from the point of view of call center automation. The world call center industry is concentrated here,? said Andrei Zaitsev, Naumen director for APEC business development. ?Cheap manpower and low infrastructure costs mean that any company can move its call centers to this region. There are five to seven call centers per square kilometer in India?s Bangalore alone, with 1,000-2,000 operators each. Every year, 45,000 new call center operator jobs are created in India, so the market calls for modern solutions to automate the operation of call centers,? Zaitsev said. ]]>

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