Local tech group joins cloud computing fray

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ICTV, a technology group composed of different IT companies, will now be locking horns with both established and upstart cloud providers with its own cloud service brand called Live-Xchange. In its website, ICTV claims it has formed local ?alliances and ventures? in the areas of IT services, animation, mobile telephone system, mobile applications and digital publishing, and software development. Before ICTV?s entry, the cloud arena has already become the battleground for telco giants PLDT and Globe Telecom, as well as cloud-dedicated firms IP Converge (which even uses the ticker ?cloud? in the local bourse) and ArcusIT, the newest kid on the block. There are, however, also alliances in the local cloud sector such as the case of Globe Telecom which enlisted the cloud solutions of Morph Labs, the cloud computing firm founded by open source expert Winston Damarillo, as part of the carrier?s cloud offerings. For its part, ICTV has hooked up with tech behemoth IBM to offer Lotus Notes as its initial cloud offering under a service called Live-X Lotus. The cloud offering allows enterprise and small business owners to avail the full features and functionalities of Lotus Notes through the cloud. ICTV, led by telco executive Mel Velarde, took the opportunity to launch its first foray into the cloud at the recent ?IBM Business Gets Social 2012 Software Roadshow? at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel. The company explained that the Live-Xchange brand offers private and public cloud services, as well as application development services that can be integrated to existing client systems. ]]>

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