Ex-Oracle PH boss named SAP country chief

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[/caption] Rushworth, an Australian who has spent his professional life in Asia for 16 years now, will be replacing Jenny Ligones who was appointed SAP Philippines country manager in 2008. It is not known yet as of posting time if Ligones has been moved to another role within the company. As for Oracle Philippines, Rushworth’s departure has left the company again without a country chief. A source said Mina Lim, the company’s CFO, has once more assumed the role as officer-in-charge while the company shops around for a replacement. SAP Philippines, whose dominance of the enterprise software market is now being threatened by fierce rivals such as Oracle, will announce Rushworth?s official appointment in a press briefing on Tuesday, May 8. Aside from the Philippines, Rushworth, whose stay at Oracle Philippines was rather brief compared to past managing directors, is also heading SAP subsidiaries in Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, and other developing countries in Asia. ]]>

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