MapleSea Legends online game debuts in PH

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The Legends patch is divided into four parts: the prelude, released on April 5, 2012; Cannon Shooter on May 16; Mercedes on May 30, and Demon Slayer in July. The interface changes, classes, and feature updates were formally announced this week. According to the game?s developers, the updates to the game include the launch of three new classes, new fourth potential legendary tier items, quick move system, item re-purchase system, and radical skills system. ?The online videogame community constantly changes, but we aim to give our MapleSea gamers consistency in quality. MapleSea Legends will cater to the clamor for new challenges in this hugely popular MMORPG. We will continuously strive to give only the best for the Singaporean, Malaysian, and Filipino MapleSea gamers,? said Sherman Tan, chairman of Asiasoft Online. MapleSea was first introduced to the Singaporean and Malaysian online videogame market six years ago from Korea. To date, there are over four million MapleSea gamers in Singapore and Malaysia, making it the most popular 2D MMORPG in Southeast Asia. ]]>

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