Local publisher unveils tablet for students, teachers

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[/caption] Gaspar Vibal, president of Vibal Publishing, launched the Android-based tablet known as ?Vibe? to a crowd of educators at the PNU campus in Taft Avenue in Manila. The tablets, which are priced competitively at P10,900 for the 8-inch model and P12,900 for the 10-inch tablet, are manufactured in China but are tailored-fit for local school use. The specs of the device are fairly decent, with the 8-inch variant sporting a 1.2 GHz dual-core chip from Samsung and multi-touch capacitive LCD screen from LG. Both tablets run on Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The tablets were built according to the specifications of Vibal Publishing, integrating a host of educational apps, e-reader, and interactive textbooks. Vibal ventured to create its own tablet although it also provides e-learning content to other tablets being used in local schools such as the e-Rizal tablet in Laguna and the Samsung Galaxy Tab in La Salle Greenhills. According to Gaspar Vibal, who is the moving force in transforming his family?s enterprise into a digital content company, said they decided to make their own device since the current crop of education tablets available in the market have substandard quality. For now, Gaspar said the tablets are only available in educational institutions where they are sold as wholesale packages. However, he said interested parties can also coordinate directly with their office for individual transactions.]]>

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