US-based VoIP firm inks deal with Globe

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In a statement, Globe and Vonage said the huge Filipino population in the US represents a substantial growth opportunity for Vonage and Globe. ?This attractive customer segment is highly educated, has an average income that is 50-percent higher than the US population, has a high penetration of broadband service and a high affinity for staying connected to friends and family overseas,? the statement said. Marc Lefar, chief executive officer of Vonage, said the deal represents its first international partnership with Globe. “Together, we’ve structured a creative alliance that allows us to address the largely underserved needs of Filipino callers. We expect to be in market later this year,” Lefar said. The alliance, he said, marks a significant milestone in Vonage’s strategy to expand its services beyond North America. “By leveraging our heritage of VoIP innovation and expertise in international long distance, we can offer partners such as Globe the ability to expand their communications businesses in their local markets and beyond.” “We remain actively involved in discussions with several prospective partners and look forward to announcing additional alliances before the end of this year,” added Lefar. ]]>

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