Big Data flooding PH business space, says Oracle

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[/caption] In a recent press briefing, Kaleem Chaudhry, regional director for enterprise technology at Oracle Asia Pacific, said Big Data has crossed over from just being an industry buzzword to an actual phenomenon since unstructured data are said to have already outpaced the volume of data stored in conventional data warehouses. Chaudhry said analyst firms have already issued advisories that companies must devise Big Data strategies to stay competitive or simply to survive. IDC said that Big Data will earn its place as the next ?must have? competency in 2012. Gartner, on the other end, predicted that through 2015, more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit Big Data for competitive advantage. Big Data cuts across different sectors in both the private and public domains, according to the Oracle executive. He said retail stores and banks can use customer feedback from social media to deliver innovative and better services to their customers, while car dealers can gather data through sensors to detect deterioration in engines. But where does Oracle — a company that has built its fortune and reputation on relational databases, the software that collects data in an organized manner but is not suited for unstructured data ? come into play? Chaudhry said a lot of things have changed in the company as a result of its software strategy and acquisitions. Today, he said, Oracle has a set of software tools such as the Exadata database and Exalytics business analytics designed for unstructured computing. These software products, along with some open-source distributions such as Apache Hadoop and optimized hardware from Sun Microsystems, comprises an integrated stack called Big Data Appliance, which Oracle said is the solution needed to tackle today?s unstructured data environment. ?Large enterprises in the Philippines can deploy these in a cost effective manner as Oracle already brings these powerful software and open source solutions in one box,? said Chaudhry. ]]>

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